Mr. Cigar and Joshua
Welcome to "In Dogs We Trust, Inc.", where we are dedicated to training and
customer service being performed to the highest standard.


Our team is led by Mr. Aerion "Cigar" Stephenson, a talented and gifted trainer
since 1972, and founder of "In Dogs We Trust, Inc."   Cigar's expertise includes
more than just a few aspects of training.  He has an incredible working
knowledge of many breeds, with an astounding understanding of their origin,
purpose, and differences.

Cigar understands that a good trainer takes as much time with each dog as is
necessary, because no two dogs learn at the same rate. We, at I.D.W.T,
understand what a trainer's real purpose is. The ideal trainer is one who is
experienced at teaching you to train your own dog. Most importantly, our goal is
to service the needs and requests of every client. We are confident that when
you use our services no problem will go unsolved. So come share our vision and
allow "In Dogs We Trust, Inc."  to help you  reach your goal of gaining and
maintaining a totally controlled pet.

If you love your dog, you must ask yourself... Is my Dog living up to his or hers
fullest potential?
Listed below are just a few questions you might want to review.

Is your dog in need of obedience training?
Your dog's life and that of your family's may depend on how well he or she responds
to commands given during an emergency situation.

Does He/She have bad habits?
Bad habits can range from behavioral  problems to fecal eating.
Bad habits are not broken by breaking the dogs will. Understanding the root of the
behavior is the key to solving the problem

Do you feel like you just can't communicate with your dog?
Most dogs are extremely giving and go out of their way to please. The best way for
communicating with your animal is by understanding their body language. What you
may perceive as playful may be a threat or just the opposite.

Do you want a dog that will protect you and your family on command?
Your dog can be trained for Offencive Protection. This is important because you
have control of where and when the dog attacks and most importantly, when to let go.
A dog that attacks on it's own and will not let go is considered a viscous dog and will
be put down.

Do You have a dog that has an unreasonable fear of the leash?
A leash is not something a dog understands as a good thing at first.
It is something that has to be introduced as a positive interaction.

We're confident that we will meet and exceed your specific needs.
For answers to any questions you might have, please go to
Contact Us and submit
your questions or comments. We will be happy to address all of  your concerns.

Thank You,

Perry, a Shepard mix and is only 16
weeks old.
Training age will depend on the dog,
not the age or the breed
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Welcome to "In Dogs We Trust, Inc."
Huck, the rottweiler, at his best!